A responsible and caring Nurse

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  • Plaats: Den haag
  • Laatste update CV: 23-04-2019
  • Branche: Assistent verpleegkundige, Algemeen verpleegkundige, Obstetrie verpleegkundige, Operatieassistent, Verpleegkundige thuiszorg
  • Werkniveau: Universitair
  • Werkervaring: Meer dan 10 jaar ervaring
  • Dienstverband: Vast contract, Thuiswerk, Stage, Vrijwilliger, Leer-werk overeenkomst
  • Rijbewijs: Ja
  • Leeftijd: 47 (17-05-1972)
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Registered Nurse, Registered IV Therapy Nurse

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Persoonlijke motivatie

Good day. It is with great interest that I submit my resume for your consideration for the Nurse position that you are looking for. As a dedicated professional with 12+ years of experience teaching nursing students on their clinical rotations, more than 3 years supervising nursing staff and managing patient treatment and almost 2 years working as a Peri-operative Nurse, I am confident I will contribute significantly to the success of your medical facility in this role.
My background includes excellent experience in overseeing nursing staff activities and performance to ensure outstanding patient care and the highest level of medical service.With this success - coupled with my experience in policy development, mentoring / precepting, and patient education - I am confident in my ability to be one of your hospital team in providing comprehensive treatment and optimizing patient experiences.
I am married with three sons and only the youngest were left studying. He just graduated from Senior High School and is about to enter University / College this coming school year 2019-2020. His ambition is to become a doctor someday and we all know that going to University / College is not a joke and it entails a lot of money. That's why I still don't stop dreaming or someday to be able to work on another country to let my son reach his dream to become a doctor someday.And I think God gave me this opportunity to visit your beautiful country, Netherlands to somehow and have hopes that my wishes will come true.
I am currently on a family visit here in The Hague, Netherlands until June 28, 2019. I would like to take this opportunity to look for my luck if I will be accepted for employment in this very beautiful country or yours where everyone would be dreaming or living.
I am so very willing to undergo any training that you think I need to have.
You may consider the following highlights of my qualifications:
• Demonstrating superior abilities in direct patient care, treatment plans and administration, and compassionate patient / family support.
• Leveraging expertise in staff management, patient communication, and general clinical care to ensure outstanding patient experiences.
• Holding a Master's degree in nursing major in Nursing Administration and a Doctorate degree in Educational Management as well as a current RN license in the Philippines.
With my proven track record of providing superior nursing team leadership and support, I am positioned to greatly exceed your expectations for this role. I look forward to discussing the position, and my qualifications in detail. I am available anytime for an interview and immediate employment.
Thank you for your consideration and always have a good day.
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